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Connection problem

Unable to connect to WiFi

Camera offline

Unable to reset

Can it use this without internet connection?

Can the camera only be connected wireless?

The use of function

Motion Detection

Share Camera

Adjust the volume

No sound from the speaker

Application & storage

What is the camera operation?

What happens when the SD card is full?

Is the data of the memory card readable?

How much the cloud storage cost?

How does the cloud storage work?

Unrecognized memory card/memory card does not work properly.

How long does the 16GB card can record for?

The basic question about the camera

Is it water proof?

Where is the card slot and reset button?

The camera's power connector type

Other problems

What should I do if the camera malfunctions?

Return or replace the camera

Missing accessories

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the payment methods available?

Do you ship internationally?

How much are the shipping charges?

How long does shipping take?

What if i receive a product that is damaged?

How secure is my personal information?

Can i edit my order or my details?

How do i place an order?